MANIAC COP (the unofficial novelization)

New York City turns deadly when a seemingly unkillable figure in a police uniform tears through the streets. Detective Lieutenant Frank McCrae, a grizzled cop with a nose for the truth, finds himself caught between a corrupt police department desperate for a cover-up and a brutal vigilante killer who seems to target the city’s underworld. As the body count rises and the line between justice and revenge blurs, McCrae must uncover the shocking secret behind the “Maniac Cop” before the city erupts in total chaos. Is this killer a deranged officer or something more? One thing’s for sure: in this concrete jungle, the only law left is survival.

Written by Dennis Smithers, Jr.

Based on the screenplay by Larry Cohen.

Length: 23,880 words

No rights are intended to be infringed upon, nor is monetary gain occurring. This novel was written as a tribute to—and promotion for—the movie by a fan, and is completely free to the world.

Click here to download the ePub file (for your e-reader).

Click here for the PDF.

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By Dennis

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