Independent Authors Can Breathe Life into the Interrobang Mark

Here is a rare punctuation mark you might not know about, but may have typed a generic form of like this: ?!

It’s called the interrobang mark, invented in 1962 by Martin Speckter. It combines the question mark and exclamation point to express excitement in a question. For instance: “WTF?!” or “You want me to do what?!”

It should have more love than what it’s got. Especially since lots of people write the generic form of it anyway.

I always use it in my books if the need presents itself. So now when you run across that oddball punctuation in my stories, you know what it is and why it’s used.

Since the interrobang is considered a non-standard punctuation mark, most likely you won’t come across it in books published by major publishing houses.

But authors who self-publish have the power to do anything they want, and that includes using the interrobang.

It’s my belief that authorpreneurs should make a pact to use this beautiful punctuation character in their work when they really need that extra bang within a written question.

Hell, it exists; why not utilize it.

“You read who’s book‽”


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